What is not an alternative name for a panther?

A.) Puma

B.) Lynx

C.) Mountain Lion

D.) Cougar

What element is represented by the panther?

A.) Earth

B.) Wind.

C.) Water.

D.) Fire

What should you never do if confronted by a panther?

A.) Stand your ground

B.) Leave an escape route for the Panther

C.) Turn and run

D.) Afterwards report to a ranger

What makes a panther similar to a domestic house cat?

A.) It Purrs

B.) It likes catnip

C.) It comes in different colors from black to tan stripes

D.) It usually has litters of 6 or more kittens

Bonus question: Many tribes from all the Americas respect the panther because

A.) It is an excellent hunter

B.) It has a loud roar

C.) It chases down its prey

D.) It is the largest cat in the world

Answers: 1.) B 2.) D 3.) C 4.) A 5.) A