The Chihuahua Trail is a segment of which much-longer Spanish highway?

a) Camino de la Bahia
b) the Old Spanish Trail
c) Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
d) Paseo del Norte

Which two historic cities are connected by the Chihuahua Trail?

a) Mexico City and El Paso
b) Chihuahua and Santa Fe
c) Chihuahua and San Antonio
d) Melchor Muzquiz and Albuquerque

Which Spanish general first explored the ancient corridor used by Native peoples for centuries?

a) Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
b) Francisco Sanchez Chamuscado
c) Antonio de Espejo
d) Don Juan de Onate

How long would a fully-loaded caravan take to complete the journey on the Chihuahua Trail?

a) 120 days
b) 90 days
c) 40 days
d) 15 days

Bonus: About how long is the modern Chihuahua trail?

a) 1,000 miles
b) 165
c) 317 miles
d) 550 miles




Answers:1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C Bonus:D